Discover the State Theatre in All of Us

Discover the State Theatre in All of Us

1 – 30 April 2021

New World Development Conserves the State Theatre

The State Theatre is one of the last surviving cultural monuments in Hong Kong. Post-war movie palaces, like the State Theatre, that date back to the 1950s are few and far between in Hong Kong. In 2017, it was listed as a Grade 1 Historic Building, thanks not only to its 68 years of history and cultural significance, but also its modernist architecture that is said to be unique in Asia. In 2020, New World Development announced that it would take on the conservation of the Theatre, including the captivating parabolic exoskeleton structure on the rooftop, also known as the "flying trusses". Working with a local and international team of experts, New World’s goal is to revitalise the dilapidated building, preserve its heritage and restore the State Theatre to its original glamour.


“We will do our best to conserve and restore this iconic building to its original glamour and build a cultural oasis for our next generation.”

Adrian Cheng
CEO of New World Development and Founder of Culture for Tomorrow


"Discover the State Theatre in All of Us"

New World is continuing the 68-year-old legacy of the State Theatre. Before launching a complete architectural conservation of the State Theatre, Culture for Tomorrow has announced a specially curated, immersive event called "Discover the State Theatre in All of Us". In additional to the event at its original site, from mid-April 2021 onwards, virtual tours will also be offered online, recreating the magnificent legends of the State Theatre online and offline.

From the moment visitors enter the State Theatre, they will travel back in time to the building’s golden age in the 1950s. At the lobby ticket box office, visitors will receive a vintage style movie ticket, which marks the start of their first-person immersive experience. They will then be invited to play a part in the history of State Theatre – from enjoying world-class performances at the Empire Theatre (predecessor of the State Theatre), and discovering the story of “Little Shanghai”, to reminiscing about the popular Chinese and Western movies shown at the State Theatre, and all the heart-wrenching historical footage of the site.

The show at the State Theatre is far from over. Before the State Theatre returns in 2026, Culture for Tomorrow will continue to organise and curate cultural activities, allowing the public a rare chance to relive the precious memories of this Grade I Historic Site.

“Discover the State Theatre in All of Us” Details:

Date: 1 – 30 April

Time: 10am – 8pm

Venue: State Theatre Shopping Arcade in North Point (279 King’s Road, junction with Tin Chong Street)

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Discover the State Theatre in All of Us” immersive event is a private event with limited timeslots and crowd control measures in place. Culture for Tomorrow may not be able to extend an invitation to all members who have expressed an interest to join the event. Thank you for your understanding.

Members who wish to join the event can email to express interest and provide the first four digits of their HKID card no. (excluding the first alphabet). Culture For Tomorrow will notify through email members who are allocated a visit time. Please note that the invitation is not transferable. We apologise for any inconvenience and your understanding is much appreciated.

1 – 30 April 2021